What do you need for a good website?


If you ask yourself what it takes to make a good website, you have already grasped an important point: A website is not a quick-fix project, but requires careful planning. At first, the complex of issues may seem quite simple and can be reduced to getting a presence on the web. In fact, however, the matter is much more diverse: between a random and a good website are often worlds apart. But when is a website successful? And how do you make it to a really good website?

The budget: It doesn't work without money

Have you ever tried to get a high-quality suit or a nice house without spending any money? You probably think it's a completely outlandish idea that you would never come up with. So why should it be any different with a website? Here, too, you need the active support of experts - at least when it comes to hosting the site. Homepage construction kits and free hosters may promise a lot - but they don't really deliver good results.

However, this does not mean that you have to spend a small fortune on your website. The available budget largely determines how many tasks you can do yourself and how many steps you can delegate to experts. Also, the choice of server, the degree of customization and some other aspects depend on it.

In concrete terms, this means that even with a very limited budget, you can still create a decent website. However, this is associated with significantly more effort than with a larger budget. This can be compared very well with handicraft work: If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can buy your own wood and tools and build your own shed. It is more convenient, but already significantly more expensive, to use an off-the-shelf product, while the expensive premium version, which leaves nothing to be desired, consists of individually commissioned production.

The platform: flexibility with WordPress and Co

A website can be based on very different platforms. In principle, it is advisable to choose one with as broad a range of functions as possible, since otherwise individualization is hardly possible. Homepage construction kits and many similar DIY solutions already fall away at this point, as they only allow some standard adjustments to the given model.

The most popular platform, on which more than 40 percent of all existing websites are based, is WordPress. WordPress has the great advantage of being very easy to use and at the same time creating an extremely wide range of possibilities. With this can work both beginners:inside and real professionals.

An even more individual approach is possible with niche products or a custom-made CMS. However, this is ultimately not advisable, as there is a risk of committing to a specific agency with such a choice: While every creative agency can handle WordPress, the special platform of company X will hardly be able to be handled by any other agency. By making such a choice, you severely limit your further options, which may turn out to be unfavorable later on.

In addition to the CMS, the selection of the domain and the hoster is also important for the success of a website. An agency can help with this - as well as with the selection of the appropriate CMS - and take over the setup work.

The design: balance between functionality and beauty

Every good website needs good design! When we use the Internet, the first thing we notice is the design of a website: Do we find what we are looking for? Is the color scheme coherent? Does the page load quickly? Does the look of the site match the company? These questions, which we ask ourselves more or less consciously every day when we come into contact with content on the Internet, already indicate that design is not just about beauty. Rather, a successful website is characterized by its balance of beauty and functionality. A website pursues goals - and these can only be achieved with the right design.

A corporate design, for example, is important in the planning process. If one already exists, the website should be seamlessly integrated. If it does not, it provides the starting point for developing one. An agency helps to harmonize structure, visual appearance and brand aspects, thus helping the website to succeed.

Content: The heart of the website

However, the heart of a website is its content. Even the best design is of no use if it does not convey any content. For this reason, conscientious content planning is essential for the success of a website. In addition to the question of what content is needed, there is also the question of how to create it: Will texts be written and photos taken by the company itself, or should experts be commissioned? Professional copywriters help to turn a good website into an excellent one by optimizing all content in such a way that it appeals to users on the one hand and is ideally listed on Google and the like on the other.

Time, optimization and maintenance: questions around the good website

Is there anything else needed for a good website? Yes!
The points made so far show above all that a good website is not something you just pull out of your sleeve. Time to plan it strategically, time to coordinate it with other company presences, time to find the right domain, time to develop a functionally and aesthetically convincing design - all this and much more is needed for a good website. If you then want to take on the majority of the further implementation work yourself, you have to reckon with many weeks of hard work - time that could perhaps be better invested in your own business.

It is therefore usually the better solution to hire a professional agency. This not only saves time, but also guarantees that your own website will function properly in the long term. This requires constant maintenance and optimization, which in turn requires professional data collection. An agency like the creative agency franzjohann offers all this - and even has an express service for the impatient on offer!


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