Ice Greissler

The franzjohann creative agency delivered a unique illustration work for the Austria-wide known ice producer Eis Greissler. The creative agency was responsible for the implementation of the mascot Rubi and the illustration of the park map for the Eis Greissler adventure park in the Buckligen Welt.

Icy adventures with Rubi

Eis Greissler is not only known for its delicious ice cream, but also offers an unforgettable experience in its theme park. To emphasize the character of the park, franzjohann took on the implementation of the mascot Rubis, who accompanies visitors on their icy journey of discovery. In addition to the mascot, the park map was also illustrated by franzjohann. With a lively and detailed depiction of the park, it offers visitors an overview of the various attractions and facilitates orientation.

Scope of the project

Mascot illustration

Rubi, the child-friendly mascot, is now the centerpiece of the Eis Greissler Adventure Park.


Park plan illustration

With great attention to detail, the park map was illustrated to allow visitors to easily find their way around.


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