The einflussraum in 1090 Vienna makes creativity tangible. In order to transfer this online, the appropriate online presence and a unique design language were developed.

Experience creativity

Everyone is creative. The simple, yet very ambitious philosophy of the einflussraum should be noticeable in the entire corporate identity. Away from the usual towards the new and unique, the creative. The central element is the logo designed by franzjohann in the form of a wall lamp, which is also placed in the showroom. The website and also the logo animation make it possible to experience the creative workshops and events online in advance.

  • Logo design based on a specially designed "einlicht" wall lamp

  • The abstract motion design around the logo clearly shows: Everyone is creative!

  • In addition to presenting the company and its products, the website is also the company's own ticket store

Scope of the project


The newly created online presence suggests one thing quite clearly: Here, everything revolves around creativity!


Logo design

A unique and distinctive shape and various color influences form the logo of the influence room.


Booking platform

To make timeslot bookings as easy as possible, franzjohann Kreativagentur developed a 1-page ticket booking system.


Motion Design

Together with motion designer Serge Ritter, the intro video and the logo animation of the einflussraum were developed.


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